Tour Day

27th and 28th May 2023 in Pontremoli (MS)

Eat, drink, stroll, discover, share, test yourself, meet, laugh, learn, get to know, complete, win. This and much more at Tour Day! Tour Day (the day of the tour) but you read turdèi (dialectal version for “tortello”, the typical squared shape filled pasta).
A food and wine tour in stages through the traditional tastes of Pontremoli and Lunigiana that will make you discover taverns, workshops, bars and people of incomparable beauty.
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Tour Day is not only about food and wine. The real winner is not the fastest but the most curious!

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All the stages are located in the historic centre of Pontremoli and can be easily reached on foot (so that your driving license is safe)!

Everything is authentic: anyone can taste the delicious food and drinks of Tour Day at any time of year.
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"If This Isn't Nice, What Is?" Kurt Vonnegut

Tour Day’s framework is the splendid village of Pontremoli. “Puntremel, Pons Tremulus…this is how Pontremoli was mentioned over the centuries, this “bridge” in the mountains at the confluence of watercourses and along the crucial route that links Northern and Central Italy. From the mediaeval town with its high towers to the baroque period, Pontremoli is a mixture and a synthesis of history, art, religion and tradition that make it unique. Pietro Leopoldo stressed its being “formed by one two-thirds mile road”. And precisely the “road” is “the essence” of Pontremoli: a path made of sandstone slabs that, by looking upward, becomes a road to the sky. Churches, houses and palaces, witnesses of a capital city of the past and rich in history, overlook this unique “endless” road.” Along this same road, Tour Day takes place.

Text taken from: Almanacco Pontremolese by Paolo Lapi - Photo: Franco Beccari

About us

Il Gruppo

“Somebody still remembers the first edition of TourDay: from the idea of five passionate boys from Pontremoli, Antonio De Prata, Pierangelo Caponi, Geminiano Bertocchi, Andrea Angella and Luca Veroni, a day dedicated to the discovery of the traditional local wealth took shape, for fun, on 31st January 2015.

Farfalle in Cammino A simple but incredible idea: live and make live their city in a game consisting of food and wine stages, persons who are an institution, precious stories. […] All began with the immediate creation of a close group: together with, in part within, Farfalle in Cammino”.

Text taken from: Eco della Lunigiana