How much does Tour Day cost?

It’s up to you!
In order to participate you need to take the Tour Depliant in Piazza della Repubblica in Pontremoli after giving a small donation. Every stage has a proper cost, which can be consulted on the web site in the Stages section (you just have to click on the picture of the stage to see it in details) and on the Tour Depliant itself. The cost of Tour Day will only depend on the number and the kind of stages you decide to accomplish! Consider that the cost of each stage goes from 1 to 5 euros and the average cost is 3 euros.

How long does Tour Day last?

It’s up to you!
At any time you’ll be able to end your Tour Day by having it checked through the final stamp at the stand in Piazza della Repubblica. You can decide whether to use both days of the event, just one day or even only few hours! Legendary has been the performance of two participants who have managed to accomplish 12 stages in less than two hours! Nonetheless, Tour Day is not a speed race (at all!), so we suggest that you don’t look at your watch and just follow the slow style of the event.

What happens if I don’t have my Tour Depliant checked?

You won’t have your prize!
The final stamp determines the end of your Tour. Once you’re satisfied with your result, you’ll have the possibility to receive a prize (subject to availability) at the stand in Piazza della Repubblica, depending on the number of stamps you have obtained. The more you discover, the more you taste, the more you win!

How many stages do I have to accomplish?

It’s up to you!
The total number of stages is 18 and you’ll have to accomplish 12 of them to be elected as Iron Tour Day. In other words, you’ll have to accomplish 12 labours exactly as the legendary Hercules did!
However, some participants are happy with 3 stages, someone stops after 7, some others can’t accomplish more than 10 and there’s also who decides to go to some stages more than once (the record consists of 20 stages on one day, will you be able to break it?).

In which order should I accomplish the stages?

There’s not a particular order to follow, it’s at your discretion. We’re sure that, after the first stages, it will be your stomach (and/or your liver) to guide you.

How can I enrol?

Click on enrol on the website, above at the right side, and complete (in just one minute!) the simple steps required. The only obligatory prerequisite is your curiosity!

Does the enrolment cost?

Not at all!
Enrolment is absolutely free!

Can I obtain two stamps of the same stage?

No, you can’t!
Every stage accomplished entitles you to only one stamp per participant (for example, if I drink three “bianco-oro” instead of one as it is required, I will be given nonetheless just one stamp).
So, there can’t be two identical stamps on your Tour Depliant!

What is the Tour Depliant?

That’s your own “passport”, the “document” which allows you to participate in the event and which you always have to bring with you during the Tour.
Receive it in Piazza della Repubblica in Pontremoli before you start your Tour. Inside you’ll find all the information you need and the space for the stamps.